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Together, we can make your clients money

If you are a banker, broker, CFO, or another valued member of our community, we can work together to help your client’s businesses grow.

We know how difficult it can be to watch your clients’ reactions when you tell them they don’t qualify for the financing they need.

That’s why we’re here – to provide a solid financing foundation for your client’s businesses to flourish. To be the trusted lender that complements your services and offerings. Our unique supply chain financing option allows our clients to secure their supply chain, improve their cash flow, and take on new customers.

With our experience and expertise, we can help them get the growth capital they need to succeed.


For your clients and businesses, you’ve cultivated over the years, only to have their situation change. And for your clients that are growing too quickly and no longer qualify for your traditional financing. And even for your prospects that are too green to qualify you likely will decline them.

You put in the time to build these relationships and we respect that. This is why you can consider Oxygen Business Capital a trusted option for you. We will work closely with your clients with financing and other business resources. We have the same goal – help them get back to qualifying for traditional financing and get them back to your bank and in your book of accounts.

Contact us to find out how Oxygen Business Capital can help your clients.

Our specific services include:

  • Invoice financing
  • Vendor procurement (enhanced supply chain finance)
  • Revenue-based revolving lines of credit
  • Term loans

Broker Partners

Now you can refer your clients to a direct lending company that works hard to get capital to them when they need it to grow.

We often structure financing that works when others cannot.

Our customers stay with us longer because we provide more than financing. We monitor our clients’ IRS status monthly to catch errors and mistakes as quickly as possible. We monitor the credit status for them and their customers to help avoid any unhappy surprises.

Schedule a Call to Discover if Your Clients Are Right for Oxygen Business Capital.

We offer:

  • Invoice financing
  • Vendor procurement (enhanced supply chain finance)
  • Revenue-based revolving lines of credit
  • Term loans

Professional Business Services Partners

Growing businesses often need more than capital. If you are a CFO, CPA, attorney, or one of many other providers that work closely with business owners we want to help you. We work closely with you to ensure your clients receive the best support possible.

You can refer your clients to us when they need more working capital with confidence that we are the best solution.

Learn how we can work together to provide essential financing help to your clients when they need it most.