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Get the growth capital your business needs when you need it the most.

The fastest way to:

  • secure your supply chain

  • boost your cash flow

  • stabilize your growth

The business financing solution you’ve been searching for to support your company’s growth.

It’s an exciting yet frustrating time when you realize your company is growing faster than finances allow. Suddenly you need more inventory, only to find that your suppliers need to be paid before your customers have paid their invoices.

Add to that lengthening payment terms from customers and the gap widens between when you owe your suppliers and when your customer pays you.

Growth capital supports your accelerated growth rates by stabilizing the financial strains created by fast growth. Many of our clients have financing offers or programs from other sources that are too anemic or inflexible to fully support their rate of growth.

Smart companies know how to access growth capital and use it wisely to maintain a competitive edge. If your company is struggling to keep up with demand, growth capital can help you get back on track.

Is your business facing any of these challenges:

Demand is up, but you don’t have enough capital on hand to increase inventory

Your suppliers, your employees, and your bills need to be paid but you’re still waiting for your customers to pay.

Bank loans are often too small or take too long to secure to help much.

Whether you sell your products online or provide essential business services to your customers, it doesn’t help if you can’t grow your business.

Together, we can help you take your business to new heights

Get the growth financing your business needs, and deserves with Oxygen Business Capital, LLC.

Our unique AR + AP financing solution allows businesses to secure their supply chain, improve cash flow, and take on new customers.

Schedule a discovery call today and let us help you take your business to the next level.