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Grow your business with confidence knowing we have your back

Breathe Easier, we have the growth capital you need, when you need it.

Are you continually generating growth that exceeds your bank’s ability to finance? Do you find yourself often dipping into non-business assets due to bank limits?

Oxygen Business Capital, LLC uses a different evaluation process that allows us to approve and grow alongside our clients. We invest in your success as a trusted advisor with access to vetted professionals. We are all on your team allowing you to focus on growing your business.

For nearly 15 years, we have been helping companies like yours to grow and succeed. Our flexible funding options are designed to meet the needs of businesses in all stages of growth. We deliver personalized service and support to each of our clients because we understand that every business is different.

We’re dedicated to your success.

That’s why we offer resources like matched funding to qualified and vetted professional service providers. We have a team of experienced business growth specialists who can provide you and your team with the guidance and advice to help you take your business to the next level.

If you’re ready to take your company to new heights, contact Oxygen Business Capital, LLC today.

Get the Growth Financing Your Business Needs, and Deserves.

Our process is simple and transparent.

Step 1: Schedule Your Discovery Call

On the call, you’ll talk and we’ll listen. Then we’ll decide the best financing plan for your business and follow up with the next steps.

Step 2: We Collect Information About Your Company

In order to determine if your company is a good fit for Oxygen Business Capital, LLC, we will need to collect several pieces of information about your business. It all begins when you fill out an application.

Step 3: Your Growth Financing Becomes Real

If your company passes the review then we’ll start financing your growth. How it looks, terms and the financing path will all depend on your business and what your greatest financial needs are.

Meet Our Executive Team

Adam Lomax

Adam founded Oxygen Funding as a direct accounts receivable finance organization nearly 15 years ago. We expanded into accounts payable and revenue finance over time. Oxygen Business Capital, LLC followed to support high-quality established businesses with flexible growth solutions. We are known for excellent client-centered service that results in much better than industry average retention and return rates. Adam is known as an excellent listener and strong problem solver. Prior to Oxygen Funding, Adam was a senior executive in a 50-state insurance company and VP of Information Services for a 50-state wholesale and retail commercial insurance firm. He graduated from Duke University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science.

Greg Salomon

All of our clients and staff have benefited from Greg’s help and influence since 2020. Before joining the Oxygen team, Greg generated the highest volume of sales for Primary Funding. Greg’s entire 25-year career has been in the non-Prime Lending space, predominantly with publicly traded companies and well-established Factoring Companies. Throughout his career, he has generated hundreds of millions in revenue for these organizations. Greg has a Bachelor of Science in Management and a minor in communication from Fresno State.